Alice Sew Along- Catch up day

Today is the day for you to catch up on your Alice if you found yourself behind. The next sew along we plan to stretch out to 2 weeks to make things a little more laid back. Plus, there will be catch up days then too. ;) We did have several ladies finish, which is awesome! I have been crazy impressed and blown away by the talent and creativity (not to mention the determination) I've seen during this sew along! If you're coming in late, or would just like to complete this sew along alone at a later date, here are the links to the days and the steps we completed.

Day One , Day Two

Day Three, Day Four, Day Five and Day Six

Some Finished Alice Dresses!

Now, just take a look at some the the absolutely stunning dresses our participants made! You'll be running for your machine to make one too, I bet!



Thh hot pink and floral of this Alice definitely caught my eye. It looks like the perfect little easter dress.



Who doesn't love donuts? This lovely little donut themed Alice is as cute as it is sweet.

I absolutely adore this scenic print. It's so pretty and easily looks store bought.



The color blocking on this one makes it stand out in all the right ways... the fabrics are adorable together.



So perfect and beautiful. This dress looks like it could be worn by a fancy China doll.



The pink and brown number here makes me think is those darling prairie dresses from yesteryear.



Purple will always be my favorite, so this Alice holds a special place in my heart.



I love florals. A lot. This dress look like the perfect thing for a tea party.


So Fashionable! Just look at this adorable print! Another definite favorite of mine!

It isn't too late to get your own copy of this pattern either! You can get it here through February 6th for only $6 with coupon code AliceSAL!

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