Add an Inseam Pocket to ANY Skirt!

I know that an essential must for my wardrobe is ALWAYS having a pocket. Pockets in my pants, in my jackets and most of all pockets in my skirts and dresses. Unfortunately, the fashion industry does not typically agree and so women often go without that essential feature. In this blog, I will show you an easy way to add inseam pockets to any existing dress or skirt pattern in your pattern arsenal!

Add an Inseam Pocket to ANY Skirt!

Create a Pocket Piece

The first thing you need to add pockets is the piece to create them. You can either freehand your own or take the pocket from your favorite pocketed pattern. Cut 2 mirrored pairs to make 2 pockets. You can do this for ANY skirt. Just keep in mind if you're making a circle skirt, you will need to cut this into 2 half circle pieces in order to add the pockets.

Figure and Mark Placement

Placement is an important part of this process. A good rule of thumb for placement is to place it 2-3 inches down from the natural waist. if the skirt attaches at the natural waist, make a mark 2-3 inches down from the top raw edge of the skirt pieces Make sure you mark this on both ends of both skirt pieces to ensure your pockets are even with each other once you're finished.

Add Pocket Pieces to Skirt

Place one pocket piece right side down to the right side of your skirt piece. Line up the top of the pocket with the mark you made in the previous step. Stitch them down at the seam allowance.  Open the pieces out and press well.

Once this is done, you can sew the skirt front to skirt back as you normally would. The only difference is to follow the outline of the pocket when you reach it instead of sewing straight down the side.

Now, when you turn the skirt right side out, you'll have pockets! Just finish sewing the remainder of the pattern as written and you're good to go!

This is a perfect for storing all of that mom-stuff you know we all carry. You know, tissues, hand sanitizer, all the things the kids hand you to 'hold' for them. I love my pockets, so I hope you find this little tutorial a helpful way to boost the pocket count of your own wardrobe.

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