Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along: Day 5

Day 5:  Create Skirt Placket, Form Pockets, Hem, and Attach Skirt

Welcome to Day 5 of the Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along! Today our work will really become dresses. If you need to go back and catch up, here is where you can find Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

Today we will be creating the skirt placket, forming the long awaited pockets, hemming the skirt, and attaching the skirt to the bodice. We will be following steps 17-28 in the pattern tutorial.

Create the Skirt Placket

Create the skirt placket following steps 17-23 of the pattern tutorial. If you find this process seems complicated, you can find detailed instructions here in Mgeni's Sweet Lilly Sew along.

Form Pockets and Create Skirt

First, to find your pocket piece add-on, click on "My Account" in the upper right quadrant of your screen.


Next, scroll down and click on "Downloads". You will need to sign in first if you are not already signed in.


Scroll through your downloads until you see the one marked "Adaline Dress & Tunic – Adaline Free Pocket Add-On". Download this one.


Cut out your pocket pieces as directed back on Day 2.

To begin pocket assembly, mark the skirt front and back pieces on the sides 1" (2.5cm) down from the top edge.


Take a pocket piece and place it right sides together on top of the skirt front. Align the straight raw edges with each other and align the top point of the pocket piece with the mark you made in the previous step and pin into place. Sew along the straight edge to attach.


Fold the pocket piece out. Press the seam towards the pocket.


Edge stitch 1/8" from the seam. Press to set stitches. Repeat for remaining 3 pockets.


Create and Hem Skirt

Lay the skirt pieces right sides together. Make sure that the pockets line up. Sew along the sides going around the outside of the pocket pieces. Finish the edges


Hem as directed in step 25 of the pattern.

Gather the skirt as directed in steps 26-27. Remember not to include the skirt placket when basting! For nice gathers, put one row of basting stitches inside the seam allowance and the second row outside of the seam allowance. In the image below, the black line is the seam allowance line and the two blue lines are basting lines.

basting lines

Attach the Skirt

Attach the skirt to the main bodice as directed in step 28 of the pattern. Make sure that your gathers are evenly distributed before you sew. Remember that one side of the placket is to remain folded under while being sewn on.


Day 5

That's it for today! Please post a picture like the one above in the Day 5 thread in the Facebook group in order to participate. Check back in tomorrow for Day 6 when we finish our dresses!
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