Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along: Day 3

Adaline Sew Along Day 3: Create Bodice and Attach Sleeves

Welcome to Day 3 of the Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along! Are you ready to begin sewing? If you need to go back, here is where you can find Day 1 and Day 2.

Today we will be creating the main bodice of the dress and attaching the sleeves. This is steps 2-7 in the pattern tutorial.

Create Bodice

This is steps 2-5 of the pattern tutorial. Be sure to check your seam allowance before beginning to sew. The seam allowance can be found at the top of the instructions on page 13 of the pattern tutorial.

TIP: If you want to top stitch in a colour that matches your fabric, you can use a different colour in your bobbin for the inside of the dress. This is particularly helpful when you can't find an empty bobbin or are nearly out of your chosen colour and want to make it last.


Attach Sleeves

This is steps 6 & 7 of the pattern tutorial.

When attaching the sleeves, make sure that all corners and notches are aligned and pinned then carefully ease the sleeve cap into place.
Ease: Easing is needed when you have one piece of fabric in a seam that is slightly longer than the other. In order to make the seam match, you need to slightly ease the larger piece to match the short piece without tucks or gathers. This is often done through pinning to distribute the fabric evenly. Using lots of pins will help to ease in the fabric. - From the Adaline pattern tutorial, page 5.
TIP: Pre-iron the sleeve hem folds before sewing up the sides of the bodice and sleeves. Simply iron the folds as directed in steps 11 & 12 then open them back up to sew. This will make them easier to hem tomorrow. This is especially helpful if you are sewing one of the smaller sizes.

Sleeve hem

Bodice with sleeves

That’s it for today! Please post a picture like the one above on the Day 3 thread in the Facebook group in order to participate. Check back in tomorrow for Day 4!
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