Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along: Day 2

Adaline Sew Along Day 2 - Cut Material and Interface

Welcome to Day 2 of the Adaline Holiday Dress Sew Along! If you missed yesterday's post, you can find it here.

Today we will be cutting all of our pattern pieces out of our fabrics and interfacing the bodice.

Make sure that you iron your material prior to cutting out your pieces. Ironing ensures the accuracy of your cuts. More accurate cuts means less room for error when sewing.

Pockets: Cut 4 from either main or lining. 2 each of mirror images. I am cutting mine from the main fabric so that they blend into the skirt.

Cut Pockets

Pocket pieces

Note that the skirt placket piece is cut on the bias. Line up the arrow so that it is parallel with the selvage edge of your fabric. This ensures that the piece will stretch and move well with the skirt to make a pretty placket.

Skirt placket

When interfacing your bodice pieces, make sure that your interfacing is fusible side down so that you don't end up covering your iron in gunk.

Adaline Day 2

That’s it for today! Please post a picture like the one above on the Day 2 thread in the Facebook group in order to participate. Check back in tomorrow for Day 3!
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