8 Amazing (and Inclusive) Custom Fabric Groups You Have to Check Out!

Last week we talked about non-custom fabric shops. But every once in awhile I splurge and spend in some custom fabric groups. Sometimes I just can't beat the thought of a cute and limited edition fabric when the mood strikes. With all of today's issues, I'm also on the lookout for ethical companies. I look for ones who are fully inclusive and make all of their members feel safe and valued. I've done my research, and now I'm bringing you a shortlist. Here are some of these amazing custom fabric groups for you to check out for yourself!

8 Amazing (and Inclusive) Custom Fabric Groups You Have to Check Out!

Q/A Fabrics

"Due to the lack of POC printed on fabric, specifically characters with black skin tones, this fabric company was created. I never had any plans of becoming a fabric host, but the lack of inclusion that continues to occur is just heartbreaking. I want my children to be aware that characters that share their skin complexion are beautiful and belong on any and ALL fabrics. Black women and men LOVE to sew as well and we only wish to be represented in the sewing community. Not just on occasion, but daily. We are here and we do exist!" This happens to be a fan favorite among custom fabric groups right now and you can visit them on Facebook here.

Emerald Curtain Fabric

"I started Emerald Curtain Fabric in May of this year. Emerald Curtain Fabric was born after I noticed a lack of diversity and inclusiveness in the custom fabric world. I am BlaQue (black and queer) and rarely find fabric in the custom fabric world that represents either of these parts of myself. Emerald Curtain Fabric believes that representation matters...not just in certain months but year-round.  We specialize in Afrocentric prints, LGBTQIA+ positive prints, and lots of fun, whimsical prints for everyone. The current pre-order is open until 7/26." You can find Emerald Curtain on Facebook here.

Twisted Needle Textiles



"TNT is a POC (Inupiaq Eskimo) and Queer owned business. We banded together in 2008 to form TNT and branched off with Mini Me's by TNT for the younger crowd! The physical part of the business is based in Ohio (that's Tabitha!) and Melissa handles most of the internet based stuff out in Colorado." Visit them in their Facebook group here.

Chicana Fabric and Dyes

"I started this business because I felt there was a need for more POC owned businesses in the fabric world. Inclusivity and diversity have been very scarce. I feel it’s becoming more diverse because a lot more BIPOC and POC persons are stepping forward. They’re basically tired of being spoken over and not being seen.

"My brand is a donation brand, my passion lies with helping out the Latinx culture. This means the families that are being separated, and the children that are left in cages. I would like to help the people that help them, so they can keep helping those people. But I would also like to expand my donations to things like Flint water crisis. To help out with funeral costs for lower-income families. And I plan on doing this through my fabric.

"Every round starting with round Cuatro there will be panels that 100% of their proceeds will go to either a domestic crisis or need or charity that I have researched fervently. I would like to also give to breast cancer survivors, mothers that are struggling, things like that. This is just off the top of my head.

"My dad was big on donating and charity work and I want his legacy to live on through me. So 5% of all proceeds will go to the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen Texas. and I’m also going to start doing panels that payout to help a different charity. I started my business making diapers and moved into the fabric world." Visit her amazing Facebook group here.


"I started RockerByeBaby in 2007 when my boys were born. In the years building that up I started designing my own prints for exclusivity in the items I was creating and selling. The more and more those prints made it out into the market, the more people just wanted the fabric! After about a year of running both the fabric side and the maker side, I closed RockerByeBaby. Now I focus entirely on RockerByeDestash Fabrics and love it! I sew often, still... but just for fun and strike-offs. And I LOVE the time I get to spend designing new and exciting fabrics!" You can find this amazing group here on Facebook!

Run Amok Fabric

"At Run Amok Fabric we love all things rainbow, monochrome, and whimsical. We offer playful prints for children, funny panels for adults, social justice themes, and everything in between. Run Amok has limited time pre-orders, a stock art library that is always open for pre-order, custom printed retail fabric, solid retail fabric, and interfacing." Click the business name above to go to their website, or visit them on Facebook here.


Acheron Fabrics

"We are a small LGBTQIA differently-abled owned business that goes above and beyond for both customers and seamsters. Acheron Fabrics is inclusive, and we treat our seamsters as part of the core of our group. We are one of the first groups to implement programs to better our seamsters lives beyond just a few yards of free fabric. The prints themselves bring a perfect balance between the nerd world and beautiful fabric art. We like to use a mix of commissioned artwork/stock art to make amazing fabric designs focusing mainly on anime and nerdy themes." You can preview this adorable fabric and get up-to-date updates on their preorders in their Facebook group here.

Finer Fabrics by Queenora

"Finer Fabrics by Queenora originated from my difficulty to find fabric representative of black and people for myself, my children and my clients. Outside of Ankara and African-print fabric, there was no fabric available to showcase any part of ourselves - of our history or our current culture.


"Something as simple as seeing a little black girl with a fro or a little black boy depicted as a knight that looks like them on a t-shirt can completely change the landscape of how a young black person views themselves.


"My goal is to cater to and provide fabrics for that everyday black person. In addition, my business has a goal to primarily work with other black and brown people behind and in front of the scenes. We include our artists, graphic designers, strike sewists, etc. We want to showcase the talent of these individuals and bring about collaboration.


"To learn more about Finer Fabrics by Queenora, we can found on Facebook through our private group or on Instagram at finerfabrics_by_queenora"


We could go on and on about these custom fabric groups, but really, they speak for themselves! Who are you excited to check out and possibly purchase from?
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I love QA fabrics! Their fabric and customer service is top notch

Sharon Bratton

I’m so excited to see a list like this. The companies listed are all doing great and amazing things within the community. Continue being awesome and inclusive, its making a huge difference.

Andrea C

Thank you for sharing!!!

Kat Gill

So glad to see so many inclusive fabric groups helping to feel the void in the community.


Thank you for the spotlight!!


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