6 Reasons You Need a Serger

Sergers. The thought of them either make you super excited or make you want to run away screaming in terror (I promise, they aren't that hard to thread.) Honestly, though, for someone who sews garments, they are the ultimate sewing want. There are so many things you can do with them. I am in love with mine so much, that I made a list of all the reasons I think you need one in your life.

6 Reasons You Need A Serger

6 Reasons You Need a Serger

    1. Sergers make sewing with knit fabrics a breeze.

      Do you love stretchy fabrics? Does the idea of sewing with them on your regular sewing machine make you feel physically ill (No? Just me?) A serger is amazing with knits for one major reason: differential feed. While that sounds like something your mechanic might tell you needs to be replaced on your car, a differential feed is just a fancy term for saying that the two parts that feed in the fabric can move at different rates. If you've ever tried to sew knits on a regular sewing machine without a walking foot, you will understand why this is important. The differential feed keeps the fabric from being overstretched.

    1. Sergers give a clean, professional edge on all seams.

      One of the coolest things about a serger is how it cuts off the fabric as you sew. The thread is then looped around giving a nice clean edge that won't ravel in the wash. Look inside any ready to wear garment you own and chances are the seams are all serged.  This will give your garments a more professional look (which is a must if you are sewing to sell.)

    1. Sergers are faster than a sewing machine.

      This is partly because they make the seam and finish the edge in one swoop.  Depending on the finishes, you can even sew an entire garment with your serger without even touching your regular sewing machine.

    1. Sergers can create beautiful rolled hems that are perfect for delicate fabrics.

      Every serger also has the ability to create a rolled hem. Rolled hems are especially helpful for fragile or slippery fabrics and are often used for special occasions or lingerie.

    1. Sergers can make stronger seams than a traditional sewing machine.

      Because a serger uses at least 3 or 4 threads, the seams they create are much stronger than those created with a regular sewing machine. That makes those garments you spend all that time making hold up longer.

  1. Entry level sergers are cheaper than ever.

    The price of a brand new serger has come down a lot in the past several years.  In fact, you can get a brand new Brother 1034D on Amazon for pretty cheap.
Still not convinced? Don't have the money to shell out for a new serger quite yet? While you can't get all the cool features like rolled hems or differential feeds on your regular sewing machine, you can fake a serger edge with a side cutter sewing foot for less than $10 on Amazon. The edge is not as crisp as a serger, but I used one for a few years before I decided I had to have a serger in my life.
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