5 Things To Look For When Buying a PDF Pattern

We love our PDF patterns. But there are SO many different patterns and designers out there, how do you know which ones to buy?  Sometimes it can be hard to choose. Today, we'll give you 5 examples of things to look for when you're thinking about buying a PDF pattern!

5 Things To Look For When Buying a PDF Pattern


Sizing can be hard. Buying or sewing. So many brands have different measurements for the same sizes it's hard to know WHAT you're looking for. The beauty of PDF patterns is that those sizes also come with measurements. Regardless of your RTW size, if you're sewing for adults, you'll want to check the measurements of the size chart in the PDF pattern you're considering to make sure that the measurements you're sewing for are included within their size range. One of my favorite things about Bella Sunshine is that the child sizing is pretty spot on with most RTW kids clothing, which is awesome!

Thorough Instructions

This one can be a little more difficult to determine before buying, but it is important. Everyone writes their instructions a little differently. And some writing styles mesh better with some sewists than others. I'm of the thought that "more is more" when it comes to sewing directions. Luckily, most designers now offer a free pattern or two so you can "test out" their writing and pattern styles for yourself before you spend money! For Bella Sunshine, those patterns are the Reagan Raglan in Child and Women's sizing and the Eden Leggings in Child and Women's sizing. (Note: You can get the Eden leggings for free by using the code found in the pinned post of our Facebook group.)

No Trim Pages

No trim pages can be pretty handy when you're printing and assembling patterns at home. Unfortunately, it isn't something we currently offer here at Bella Sunshine, but... It IS in the works! Most patterns that offer this option will list it as a selling feature in the pattern description, so just be on the lookout for it.

A0 Printing Option

One awesome thing that Bella Sunshine DOES offer is A0 files for print shop printing! It's a GREAT option if you're trying to save ink and paper at home, or if you just don't want to spend the time and energy to assemble the pattern yourself. We actually wrote a post on print shop printing that you can find here.


The best indicator of whether a PDF pattern is worth it is to look at the designer/company's reputation. Look at the reviews of their shop on their site, on Etsy (if they sell there), or on Facebook. Chat with other sewists to see if they've used that designer and what their thoughts are. Find out how long that company has been around. A bad designer won't usually last long. Bella Sunshine is VERY proud of its reputation and always welcomes feedback from customers. We are also quick to address concerns and rectify mistakes.

Do you have any other guidelines for buying a PDF pattern that we haven't mentioned? Please share them in the comments below! And join us in our Facebook community to get real-time advice, see reviews, and share your opinions with us!
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