5 Reasons to Rock Out with PDF Patterns

If you know Bella Sunshine, then you at least have a basic knowledge of what PDF patterns are. But what makes them so great? Why buy those over paper patterns? I have some great reasons to share with you to prove why PDF patterns rock!

5 Reasons to Rock Out with PDF Patterns

PDF Patterns Make Midnight Shopping Fun

We all get the urge to shop at odd hours. Or maybe you learn that your kid needs a specific outfit for school the next day that doesn't exist in their closet. What do you do? With PDF patterns, late night shopping is so easy! You don't even have to get dressed. Just browse, click, buy, print! You can't argue with shopping in your PJs without having to leave your couch.

PDF Patterns Often Have the All-Important Layers Feature

Paper patterns can be confusing when you're trying to get the right size cut. The layers feature that all Bella Sunshine patterns have make that aggravation a thing of the past. Only print the size you NEED to make the confusion go away. Yes, you have to assemble the pattern, but this tutorial will help make that easy too and you're on your way!

You Can Reprint PDF Patterns Anytime

Another awesome PDF feature is that you store it on your computer. Or a flash drive. Or somewhere out in the digital cloud. So they take up SO much less space. And if you need a different size, you misplace a piece, something gets ripped, or any other myriad of things that might happen, you can just reprint what you need and keep on keeping on. Unlike paper patterns, where if it tears, you have to oh so carefully try to repair it. Or if you lose a piece, you have to re-purchase it. Or if you need a different size... well, that's a whole other possible can of worm and brings me to my next point...

PDF Patterns Typically Have Wider Size Ranges

I was always discouraged to buy paper patterns when you only got 3 or 4 sizes and they were so expensive. But with PDF patterns, you get a much wider range of sizes (for example, BSD patterns range from 6 months to 12 years for kids and 0-30 for ladies). And with Bella Sunshine and a few other designers, you can also get Mommy and Me pattern bundles! I'll be so sad when my baby girl doesn't want to be like her mama anymore. (Pictured is Clementine)

Personal Service

Finally, one of the BEST bonuses to PDF patterns (in my opinion) is the personalized service you can receive. Since PDF patterns are largely created by indie designers, they often have Facebook groups where you can get to know them as people, get help from them, make requests for particular designs, etc. I LOVE being able to see the person behind the business and know I'm supporting a real person and their family, and not just some faceless corporation. Melissa, the beautiful and amazing mind behind BSD, has always amazed her fans with her sweet nature and her eagerness to provide the best possible service to her customers.

There are more reasons to shop and love PDF... I could go on forever. But I'll leave you with this. If you want to sew clothing that will fit, with minimum aggravation, and with outstanding personalized customer service, PDF is always the way to go! Why do YOU love PDF patterns? Share your reasons in the comments below!

If you haven't "met" Melissa or her team, or would love to share you projects, questions, or just join in the general sense of community, join our Facebook group and jump in! We'd love to have you!
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