5 Reasons Sewing Is The Best Hobby Ever

I began my sewing hobby when I was around 13 years old. I've always loved it. And I've strayed away a few times. But I always find myself coming back to my machine and the fabric to let my creativity shine. Why? Because sewing is the best hobby ever! Let me tell you why...

5 Reasons Sewing Is The Best Hobby Ever

Express your style like only you can!

Whether it's clothing, quilting, or home decor, you can put your own style stamp on everything you make. Nobody is just like you, so nobody will create something exactly the same as you. From geek to floral, bold geometric patterns to pale pastels, make it what best represents you and let the compliments roll in!

Clothing tailored for a perfect fit every time!

One of the most beautiful things about sewing is being able to alter a pattern to fit your body. Off the rack clothing can be good, but typically even the best garments will have small fit issues. By making your own clothing, you can tailor the patterns you use to get a perfect fit every time.

Dress your kids in boutique pieces without the boutique prices!

Do you LOVE the look of the boutique clothing but balk at the prices? That was me. I was so in love, but there was no way I could afford those gorgeous clothes for my little girl. Enter my sewing hobby. Yes, it's more expensive than buying clothes at those large discount chains, but you can get the most adorable boutique looks for a fraction of the boutique pricing. Just make a few pieces for your child, dress them up, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

MAJOR Bragging rights!

Just think of the looks you do/will get when someone compliments something and you can say "I made that!" It's a fantastic feeling. I always feel such pride when my daughter loves a dress I've made and then SHE tells everyone, "MY mommy made this!" as she's twirling around in it. It's amazing. And everyone should experience that.

The stress relief!

This is my #1 reason to sew. Sitting in front of my machine, listening to it hum... that is my happy place. Turning a flat piece of fabric into something amazing makes me feel warm and fuzzy. There's just something about it that speaks to my soul and makes a bad day feel good again. I have never found anything that is as relaxing to me as sewing is.

Well, that's it for this week's blog! What do you do to relax? Why do you think sewing is the best hobby ever? Please share in the comments below! And feel free to join our amazing Facebook community to share your triumphs and troubles as well as get help with ALL of your BSD questions! We'd love yo have you!
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