4 Sweet Baby Hat Tutorials

Winter is coming. Sooner than I want to think about if I'm being honest. And since I'm expecting in February, it's going to be cold. And I'm going to want ALL the baby hats for my new little man! To meet that end, I scoured the internet for some warm (and cute!) baby hat tutorials and thought I'd share my favorites here with you! So without further ado...

4 Sweet Baby Hat Tutorials

1. A Trio of Baby Hats by Zaaberry Handmade

This sweet trio of hats is everything you've ever wanted! Three styles perfect for any aesthetic. A regular beanie, a knotted cap, and a sweet hat with teddy bear ears! With the right fabrics they will be perfect for any baby's style! Just whip them up and see how great they are for yourself!

2. Teddy Ears Hat by How Joyful

How adorable is this little hat! It's so perfect for winter, being made of 2 layers of fleece. And those little ears just melt me. This is definitely a pattern I'll be making a few of myself! Make sure you read this tutorial completely through for sizing tips before you do your cutting though! You'll thank me (and How Joyful) later!

3. Winter Baby Bonnet by Purl Soho

This little bonnet is special in that you can tie it beneath the baby's chin to keep it from falling off. Which is perfect if you live in a colder climate like I do. The sherpa lining is also a huge plus for warmth and comfort for a little head and ears. Purl Soho also has some other great tutorials if you browse their site to see!

4. Reversible Baby Beanie by ShelleyMade

Two hats in one? What's not to love about that? You can make one hat with 2 looks! And the reversible nature means 2 layers which add up to warmth again. The shape of this one is really great too and a little wider (I think) to fit slightly larger little heads. Another pattern perfect for boys or girls! *minor caveat: while this pattern was originally a tutorial for use with ShelleyMade pre-printed panels, but the maker has since created a pdf version of the pattern and released it as a paid $4 pattern. The link is in the tutorial and I think well worth it!*

I made 2 hats of my own using one of these tutorials! They were SO fast and SO easy and I can't wait until I have someone who can wear them! 

What do you think? Are there any other free tutorials you'd like me to find or tackle? Leave your suggestions and requests in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!
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