My goals for 2016 are as follows…

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I have a confession.  I’ve never been one for New Year's resolutions.  I guess its because with my creative brain, I can’t seem to stick with something long until I move onto the next thing.  My husband jokes that I have a two week turn around on things. I am super into something for two weeks and then I’m on to the next craze.  While I’d love to say he was exaggerating, it is kinda true about me with certain things.  But I do have a few exceptions… my family, my love for a good cup of coffee, and my love for sewing.
Despite my hang ups on commitments to fads and new years resolutions, I love a good goal list.  For my 2016 sewing goals, I feel like putting together a list for the upcoming year make the chances for reaching them much higher.  So instead of New Years resolutions, here are my goals for my business in 2016:

  1. Blog More:  I never blog because I feel like I’m a horrible writer.  And then I blog and people tell me how much they enjoyed it and I feel like I should do it more often.  So in 2016, I plan to actually plan out blog posts instead of just blogging when I release a new pattern.  Which leads me to my next post…

  2. Send More Emails.  There’s actually a second part to this. I want to also send emails that are worthy of sending.  I’m so guilty of just sending emails talking about the current sales or releases.  While those are nice, I’d love to put a little more of me in the emails.  No one wants to read a bunch of emails that only talk about a sale.  How boring is that?

  3. Make More Connections: I want to branch out and make more connections in the sewing world.  We have a bunch of pattern reviews marked for 2016.  Plus I want to interview a few boutiques or testers and feature them here on the blog.  (PS… Do you want to be interviewed???  Contact me!  We will set something up.)

  4. Release More Patterns:  This is a given, but I want to release more designs in 2016.  My goal for 2015 was 12 patterns, and I would love to be able to release another 12 this year as well.

  5. Take More Time Off: Now this doesn’t mean I want more time away from my business, but I am very guilty of working so much during the day that my girls go crazy with cabin fever.  I want to have one day a week that I do nothing but play with my children.  Before I know it, they will be gone away to school, and while I will love the uninterrupted time to work, I will miss having the freedom to just take them out for ice cream for no other reason than I love them.

  6. Host a Sew-A-Long: While it may seem crazy to most, this one kinda scares me.  I don’t know why.  I guess its because I’ve never done one before.  Maybe its also because I’m afraid no one will sign up for one.  Either way, I plan to dive in and host my very first Sew-A-Long in 2016

  7. Release More Women’s Patterns:  While I have a few simple ladies patterns out now, in 2016 I plan to concentrate on releasing more women’s patterns.  My first planned release is the much anticipated Rebel Woman Party Dress that will be a mommy version of the very popular Rebel Girl Party Dress.

So what do you think?  I’m actually pretty excited to look back next year and see that I’ve meet every single one of these goals.  I know I can do it!  What are your goals for 2016?  Where do you hope to be this time next year.  Let me know in the comments!
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would like to connect with older women who sew over 65 I am 75 and enjoying sewing crafts

Barbara Monroe

Join our Facebook group! It’s Lots of lovely sewing ladies in there!

Melissa Prendergast at Bella Sunshine Designs

I think the sew-a-longs are a great way to connect with sewists. I always feel like I get to know designers better when I participate in their sew-a-longs! The better I know them, the more I want to support them. :)

Cassy Gobin

I agree! I also love signing up for them because they give me that little push to sew something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile.


These are very good goals. I’ve just started to think through mine.
I feel pretty good about the work I started in 2015, so I will continue to work on those for the most part.

melissa evans of mahlicadesigns

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