11 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make

My 3 year old has suddenly taken an interest in sewing. I got her a little wooden sewing machine for her birthday. She has been enjoying it so much that now she's asking for a "big machine like mommy's." I decided to get a list together of some sewing projects for kids that she would love and I wanted to share that list with you.

11 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make - Great list of kids craft and diy sewing projects!

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11 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make

I wanted to find projects that would not only work for younger kids like my 3 year old, but would also be great for older children that are looking to start their first sewing project. The first item fits the bill perfectly:

sewing projects for kids

Sewing Activity Pages For Kids

If your child has never sewn anything before, this is the perfect place to start. These are printable pages that teach your child how to sew in a straight line, turn corners, and navigate curves.

sewing projects for kids

Felt Scrap Bracelets

If you are too nervous to hand over your machine to your child, this is the perfect project. All the sewing is done by hand, and it will use up some of those scraps you haven't known what to do with. Plus, they are adorable! I can see these being great gifts that kids could make themselves.

sewing projects for kids

Simple Sew Fabric Letters

These letters are such a cute sewing project for kids that I am tempted to make them myself for my toddler! What little one wouldn't love learning their letters while learning to sew at the same time?

sewing projects for kids

Felt Piggy Banks

My daughter is obsessed with change. It is a happy day when she finds a penny on the ground. You would think she won the lotto. These Felt Piggy Banks would be an easy project that she would love for all the loose change she finds.

sewing projects for kids

Easy Apron Tutorial

This is the perfect sewing project for kids that love to cook! And this basic apron is perfect for even the most basic beginner kid seamstress.

sewing projects for kids

Mesh Sport Bag

How about a sewing project for kids that is also practical. This mesh sports bag is not only good for, well, sports, but I can see it also being perfect for legos or other small toys.

sewing projects for kids

Wristlet Key Fob

While this project might need a little assistance from adults because of the crimping, this is still an easy sewing project for kids to make. Plus it can double up as a gift that kids can make for others which in my book is always a plus.


Felt Super Hero Mask

If you have a little super hero in your life, this is the perfect project for them. And what super hero wouldn't love a mask they made all by themselves?

sewing project for kids

Easy Tote Bag

This is another great tutorial made with kids in mind. And it looks like it would perfectly fit coloring books or books from the library.

sewing projects for kids

Bunny Hand Puppets

I love sewing projects that double as toys. These bunny hand puppets are not only adorable, but super easy for kids to make.

sewing projects for kids

Felt Clutch

Your child will be so proud when they sew this felt clutch! The button details on the front are not only easy to sew, but super cute.

Did you like this list of easy sewing projects for kids? Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments.
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