10-Year-Old Award Winning Seamstress' Triumph

While perusing Facebook sewing groups, we ran across a post made by a woman named Lea O'Reilly in which she shared her 10-year-old award winning seamstress' triumph in obtaining 5 major awards in 2 different fairs with a dress she sewed herself. We found this very inspiring. And also very impressive. So we requested an interview with the mother and got to interview the girl herself! Let's see what she has to say about sewing, her award-winning dress, and her plans for her future!

10-Year-Old Award Winning Seamstress' Triumph


The girl's name is Serenity Ventura (which is an awesome name!) and this is her interview.

So, Serenity, how long have you been sewing and what got you into it?

I've been sewing for almost 5 years and I started sewing because I joined 4-H and it looked like fun.

That's so cool! Do you use Bella Sunshine patterns very often? And which are your favorites?

I have been using their patterns often and I like the Sahara and the Amelia. The Amelia crossover is what I used for the top of my dress.

The one that you submitted for your fair project right?


That dress was so gorgeous! Can you tell me more about your fair project?

Sure, I really liked the Amelia top and the candy castle dress bottom so I decided to put them together. The top and bottom of both had cutting and sewing on the bias. It was hard to hold all the layers together but it was fun to make. Crossing over the front of the Amelia was interesting and wasn't as hard as I thought. I made 2. One for my 5th-grade graduation and the other for fair. My one for graduation didn't do well at a 4-H event but I tried again for fair. The different knits acted differently when I made the tops, probably because the skirt was heavy.

That's a fair assumption. Can you tell me what awards you dress won and at which fairs?

It was entered into the San Diego County Fair and it won Best in Show and 2 Donated Awards and then it was entered at the Ramona Jr Fair in Ramona, CA where it won Home Economics Best in Division for Junior Sewing (ages 5-13) and Home Economics Reserve Best in Show Overall, for all ages and divisions.

That's amazing! Do you have any plans for the next fair?

I want to do a 3 piece outfit. A jacket, shirt, and pants and work with new materials.

That's ambitious. What materials?

Wool, twill, and challis.

That sounds challenging, but I'm sure you can pull it off!

Thank you. I want to try making Gabriella’s winter coat next. It looks really cute.

I love Gabriella! It's one of my favorites. Do you think that will be your next project?

Yes, it will!

What do you think your sewing future looks like? Is this something you plan to continue doing?

Yes, I want to start my own business soon. I also want to make my own patterns and I want to continue to make my skills better.

What kind of business?

My own clothing business so I can make things such as sports wear, dresses, shirts and leggings.

Thank you so much for talking with me! And please make sure you or your mom shares your Bella Sunshine projects in our group! We LOVE seeing young talent!

Thank you, we will!

I want to thank Serenity and her mother Lea again for a wonderful interview with an extremely talented young seamstress! We wish her all the luck with her future endeavors and expect to see great things from her!

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