Coffee Shop Lace Dress - PDF Sewing Pattern by Bella Sunshine Designs for sizes 12m through girls 12 - I'm in love with the lace trim on this dress!! What little girl doesn't need a handmade dress with lace? Putting this on my must buy list! Repin for later!

NEW RELEASE: The Coffee Shop Lace Dress

Do you ever go fabric shopping and find the most beautiful fabric and have a dress design just pop into your head?  Just me?  Because that’s totally how this dress was born.  I have a confession to all my sewing friends on the internet.  As a general rule, I hate florals.  I’ll give you a second to pick up your jaw off the floor and compose yourself.  I’m not really sure why I tend to over look them.  I am a girly girl at heart after all.  I guess it’s because a majority of the ones I find are muted colors or colors I absolutely can’t pull off. But when I saw this fabric in the fabric store my heart stopped.  I had that moment when the angels sing and you get this total euphoric pleasure of the greatness that is exploding in your head.  Come on.  Don’t act like I’m the only one this happens to.

Here is the product of that moment: The Coffee Shop Lace Dress.



This dress features a lined bodice and lace detailing along the bodice neckline and skirt hem.  Not a lace person? The trim could easily be substituted for something like piping or bias tape.  And you will also notice that this dress can easily be suited for your princess’ favorite princess with the right fabric choice.  Plus since the pattern includes the options for both long and short sleeves, it makes it perfect for whatever season you are sewing for.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my amazing testers.



The Coffee Shop Lace Dress is normally $9.95, but you can snag it at a special release price of only $6.50 on our website tonight at midnight EST.  Pick up another one of our great patterns when you buy the Coffee Shop Lace Dress and get an additional $3 off your purchase with coupon code CAFFEINE.